Thursday, December 23, 2010

my mother's love

my mom has always been a thoughtful woman. when i was little i can remember her having to run errands and sometimes she would bring me back a surprise and i would be so excited because anything she got for me i would forward a few years and she hasn't changed all that much.

i think of myself as a thoughtful person and i have to thank my mama for that. i hope that i pass some of my mama to my own children.

another thing that i get from my mother is crafting, put us in a room together with a glue gun and scrap paper and we'd probably build a town. ha! yes, we are very creative. i think she's a lot better than i am so anything she makes, i study each detail wondering, how did she get that so perfectly? oh, i see now...

every christmas my mother sends a box filled with goodies, from cookies to shirts. this christmas she did the same and every present she wrapped was so beautifully done. each roll of wrapping paper perfectly matching the embellishment carefully placed on top. she takes the time to do these things with love. that's just one of the many things i love about my mother.

she also filled these wooden containers with cookies, there were about four of them altogether. she knew that i couldn't help myself, but try a little mixed media painting on them. i totally know why she sent them. she was so right :)
this is what one of them looked like before:

here's are a few shots of the still-working-on-it-after:

thanks so much, mama. you know exactly what i like. so happy to share a creative soul with you...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

little me.

image: little-me-starfire

have you ever had a moment that you totally felt your existence? this very moment i feel alive and it feels so good kinda moment?! i get that feeling when i'm on the floor and i can feel three little bodies climbing all over me in laughter. those are the moments i totally feel mommy. or when they need my kisses on their boo boos. or when my husband looks at me like i'm the most beautiful woman in the world. or when i do something for nice for someone i can feel their gratitude...

well, last night i felt alive again by a total stranger's simple sentence in my post about a book, hand wash cold by karen meizer miller. just a simple, "if he doesn't come through, let me know. i have a book with your name on it." what? who? (as i carefully looked at the name of the commenter). none other than karen maezen miller herself!

wow! as you can read how the rest of the story goes (all in the comment section) ...needless to say, i felt alive. that sentence alone made me feel so special. i guess what i'm trying to say is that you never know that just by a small gesture you can make someone smile. you can change someone's mind. you can change someone's life. you can make someone that was having a hard year have another beginning. 

karen maezen miller made my day. i was so excited that i called my husband from work and said "you have to go and read my blog. the last post. look at the comments. you must stop what you're doing this very moment and look at it now!". and he did and was just as happy as i was at that very moment. 

thank you, karen (if i may) for making my night so exciting and my morning too. i will never forget that. ever.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

hand wash cold by karen maezen miller.....good read.

image from

 Readers follow the author through youthful ambition and self-absorption, beyond a broken marriage, and into the steady calm of an “ordinary” life. Household chores and caregiving tasks become opportunities for self-examination, lessons in relationship, and liberating moments of selflessness.....(from
i am super duper excited to read this! i was hinting to my hubby about christmas ideas and this is my first choice. it's hard for me to find a good read that interests me long enough. it's really hard these days with three little ones, so the book has to be extra special..this one is. i hope to find it under the tree :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a gift for my best friend.

on friday it's my little sister's birthday. she will be 28 years old. i am going to have a small dinner party for her here at home. nothing big, just us and all the children. i asked her what she would like me to cook on her special day. maybe pasta or fish..whatever she wanted. she said sloppy joe's. yup. that's my sister. wine and sloppy joe's it is..!
i made a little something for her. this is part of her gift i wanted to share with you...

it's a a cuff bracelet and i added swarovski crystals to it. ...her birthstone in the middle..

i hope that she likes it and every time she wears it she's reminded that ..she's truly loved....

and i hope that she knows how proud i am of the person she's become. she is a wonderful daughter, mother, sister, aunty and friend. i'm so happy she's MY sister....happy birthday, my love.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

it's almost here!

can you actually believe that christmas is next week? i haven't purchased not one thing! that, however, will not stop me from having a good time! no it will not. as you can see i did a family room christmas photo shoot with none other than my juju bug. he's already appreciating photography at the age of seven and i like that. a lot. so..he insisted that he take pics of me. as mommies we hardly ever get in front of the camera, right? we are always trying to capture the moment. i think it's very important for our children to have pics of mommy and daddy, too. they'd enjoy looking at them in the future. i had lots of fun and i really do act this silly most of the time..they're pretty used to it. 
ok, back to shopping...yes, i will do some of that this weekend. not looking forward to the cold at all...hope everyone's having a great week! the kids are sound asleep and i am finally getting there. my warm comfy bed and cushy pillows are calling my name. goodnight sweet ones..

Friday, December 10, 2010

'it's complicated' luv.

have you ever watched a movie and you absolutely fell in love with the set decor? is that what it's even called? oh, well..anywho- my hubby, sister and i watched it's complicated a few months back and ever since then i've not stopped talking about how much i love that house! the way it's decorated...oohhh my. i'm in love and one day i can sip my coffee in that beautiful setting. wouldn't that be so nice?
gorgeous kitchen
comfy bedroom
at the dinner table
beautiful hallway

if you ever get a chance, check out it's complicated, starring  meryl streep, steve martin and alec baldwin!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

when it's cold outside.

it's been freezing lately and we've been doing a lot of snuggling and watching movies. being forced to stay in one place makes imagination grow. with three little ones we are always trying to find something to keep us away from the "mom, i bored" syndrome. i think within the last couple of days we've watched  'polar express' at least three times. we've sipped hot cocoa with colorful marshmallows. put christmas decor out. tickled little chubby feet. made tents. ate delicious homemade vegetable soup (my first time making it) and it was delish! had our daily dance party in the living room, they love my playlist more than daddy's (he thinks his is better). i love my little family and even though we aren't rich, our kids don't get whatever they want and we struggle at times, this is us. we have love. we have each other no matter what. those are the things that keep me warm and make me oh-so-happy.

Monday, December 6, 2010


i've basically forced myself to finally blog. this week has been really hard for me. ya ever have one of those days that everything goes wrong ?whatever else're like "well, ok." i've had that type of week and boy i am tired. we are going through some tough times as a family right now, but we have also tried to stay positive. sometimes that can be very hard to do when your faced with serious issues. today started out as a good day. then someone said something to me that put me in a different place, i didn't like that place. then the stress headache started..yeah. BUT there is hope..the reason why i forced myself on here is because i need to do a "what i'm thankful for" list. seriously. and it will help me get out of this poopish mood. i don't like poopish. so here goes :) i'm thankful for:

  • God..He's probably sick of my voice
  • the way my children look at me when i get home from if i've been gone forever.
  • a warm home
  • the 3 cups of coffee that i had today..i needed every sip :)
  • a job, even if it may not be what i 'love' to do
  • my passion, creating is therapeutic for me
  • vaseline..that stuff is the bomb during these dry months-forget the expensive stuff (baby scent kind, yummy)
  • last, but no least, my husband- who truly loves me and knows that we are in this together. makes me smile when i'm down and has my back. in his eyes, i'm more than enough. just the way i am. 
ok..ya know, just thinking about all  those things as i was typing them put me in a lighter mood. going through something that makes you uncomfortable can sometimes make one realize what is important. material things don't matter. what people think about you doesn't matter. what does matter is that you are true to yourself. that you are doing what makes your heart sing and the rest just falls into place. believe that even though things around us we cannot control, we can control how we react. sometimes things happen for a reason (so cliche) and they do! we may not understand at the moment..or the reasons why. our higher power has other plans and all we can do is have faith. every little thing's gonna be alright :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

my sister`and me.

these last couple of weekends have been so good for me. my sister and her daughter have been coming over and we've been spending some good time together. that pic was taken about 4 years ago. yes. we still act just as silly! i love having a sister as you may know by now. i mean, really. she is just like me except she can tell you how she feels without any reservation. sometimes i wish i could be more like that. sometimes i wish that my daughter had a sister because i know how much fun it would be for her, not only when she's little, but into adulthood. what i am thankful for is that she has my sister's daughter (who's about two years older than my her) get along so well. this past weekend they had a tea party in the back yard, which i have pics to share in the next few days. my sister always jokes around and says that her daughter is the older "sister" and my daughter gets to follow her daughter around. payback, eh? well, my sister and her little family and my little family are going out of town for thanksgiving and we are going to have a great time. i hope that you all have a great holiday, as well. don't get too stuffed! i did say "too"....hehe.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

most popular hand stamped necklace-$23, free shipping!

this necklace is selling like hot cakes! i wonder why? well, i know's at a great price and as long as i can fit the name on there- you can put any name you choose or leave it as 'mommy w/ baby footprints'! for $23? you can't beat that! leave me a comment if your interested and i'm also offering free shipping in the u.s. what a great deal...give with meaning! *christmas orders and free shipping end december 12th, 2010*.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

whimsyluv love

i am so excited to have been featured on a blog!...the handmade project blog to be exact! i'm super excited! you have to check out her dolls!
yes, me happy!

the lucky sew-it-yourself book

talk about a lucky find! yesterday afternoon my baby girl and i went on our little treasure adventure at the thrift store and we stumbled upon this little book, the lucky sew-it-yourself book by camille sokol. filled with the cutest illustrations, this book shows children how to sew many things out of one piece of fabric! love it! and for 25 cents, i just had to add this to our collection. it sits on top of the fireplace because i enjoy looking at it so much. happy!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

christmas ideas

i'm super excited that baby girl ky is finally appreciating dolls. sometimes i have a little bit of trouble finding dolls that are soft, but have a "doll" look and even dolls that look like her. i did find this little shop on etsy that i just adore. she makes the cutest handmade dolls and dolls that represent little ones of mixed race/cultures. (such a need for that, i tell you!) the dolls are absolutely adorable as you can see. i am looking forward to getting ky's little doll this christmas! her shop is called the handmade project and you can click here to visit. they are absolutely cute as a button!

we are family~

my weekend was awesome, one of the funnest we've had in a long time. my sister came over and we practically laughed the whole time. the kids played and had their own fun chasing each other around the house. that's what life is all about. the people you love and people who love you. have i mentioned how much i love my family? that's us up there. they make me happy, can you tell? sometimes i have to pinch myself because it's hard to comprehend that i'm a momma of three. my two little boys and my baby girl. the hubby and i were sitting on the front porch in the cool air and i just had to explain to him just how happy these three little ones have made me. even the times when i get frustrated and times when i've picked up the same toy over and over-they are mine. my babies. i'm their momma. and no one can ever change that. they have taught me so much. one thing i know for sure is that i never knew that i could love someone this much. this big. it's the best feeling in the world. i love this little family, our little home. filled with all the toys and artwork they've created for mommy and daddy. i've even learned to like star wars (thanks to my 7 yr old cutie). my 5 yr old has taught me to get excited when i see a bulldozer in action, in which i will slow the car down so he can have front row access. my baby girl has made me love dora all over again (just when i thought we were moving on after all those years). they make me laugh and i love seeing the world through their eyes. my family. they honestly decorate my life. what a beautiful life it is.

p.s~ that isn't ky's real hair, she's rockin' my halloween afro. her afro is a bit smaller ;)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

shop update!

i've been busy, busy the last couple of days. ky naps, i create. here you see some of the jewelry pieces i've added to the shop and i think some of the pieces make great christmas gifts! yay! hope you can check it out! have a creative day!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

work of art

i have always loved and appreciated art and so when i see something unique, i get excited. sculptor and artist, ron mueck creates these life-like sculptors that are so freakishly close to the real thing, at the same time just amazing to look at. here i have some of the images so you can get a feel of his incredible work!

amazing, right???