Wednesday, May 25, 2011

eye candy

just thought i'd post some things that made me smile:

i looove this hutch. that green is just perfect!

and you are...

love the combo of the green and pink...white and the touch of brown.

love this elephant! makes me so happy :-)
i just had to! that one made me lol! hehe.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

creative and everything else rut.

yes. i 'm here and i wasn't even sure when i'd be coming back and blogging again. i know that i needed the break to work on some things and i'm glad that i took it. i feel renewed and i'm getting my groove back.
between being a wife, mother and a hundred different roles that we sometimes have, we tend to let ourselves somehow get lost in there. even when it came to this blog, there always would come a time when i'd ask "is anyone even reading my words?" all the thoughts and ideas that i had to share...where were they going and what good were they doing...if any.
then it just hit me...who cares? i mean..really. who cares?
i keep this little place for me. to see my journey transform in time.
somewhere that maybe my children may be interested in at one point in time.
well, we shall start again. you and i. or just i.
and that's ok too.