Friday, October 28, 2011

slowing it down a bit.

i love looking and finding pictures i've forgotten about, don't you? funny how much they're tiny faces have changed. so much has been happening around these parts. change. it. is. good.
lately i have been taking time.  i noticed that when i take my time at whatever task is at hand, i do better. i am kind of an impatient person so when it comes to 'taking time' i have to put in some effort.
little moments i am learning to appreciate...
when i do dishes.
folding the laundry.
hugs from my little ones.
taking a stroll though the neighborhood and really being aware of my beautiful surroundings.
the sound of the rain.
autumn in the air.
cooking a meal for my family with love.
laying beside my beautiful husband.

the older i get the more i am taking my time to enjoy those little moments.

life is truly beautiful. look around you.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

hey beautiful....

sometimes we all need a little reminder...i know i do.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

this thing called mamahood.

 whenever i see a photo of my kids my heart just swells up with love. i know, i know...sounds so cheesy, but i think any parent would feel me on that one :)

there's a funny thing that happens when you suddenly find out that you are expecting a baby.
suddenly everything that you do is preparing for this baby. the room looks like an ad out of a magazine, everything's in it's place. clothes are hung and smell so good.
you are ready.

for me, i was prepared for a baby, yes. my mind wasn't thinking about when this baby grows.
people tell you, "it flies by, enjoy it while it lasts. they'll be grown before you know it."
my first born is 8 yrs old. EIGHT YEARS OLD!
i remember just how tiny he was..6 lbs, 9 oz.
he was a hairy little thing.

i remember trying to imagine how his voice would sound when he would finally spoke.
what he would look like when he walked.
carried a backpack like the kids getting off the bus.
first world he would read.

of course, all those things have happened.
oh, so fast.
as i sat here on the couch tonight folding all these little bright colored clothes freshly out of the dryer, i'm taking it all in.
these clothes are so small.
as i put it one in its own neat pile, i smile.
for one day i won't be doing this anymore.
the tasks that seem so annoying (like picking up the same pile of books she knocks down everyday) will one day pass and just be a faint memory...
"it flies by, enjoy it while it lasts. they'll be grown before you know it."

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i'm lovin'....

when the kids are finally in dreamland, mama's going surfing.
the web, that is.
some i visit daily and some i stumble upon.
when there's a's on!

have you visited calivintage yet? if not, you must! she's totally adorable!
i love her style!

i love fashion. when it comes to my own personal style..i'm a boho-vintage mix.
i like clean, texture and fun.
how about you?

Friday, October 14, 2011

blog love: roots of she

don't you just love discovering a blog that just grabs you? a blog that you're like "she is so talking to me". yes, me. the 'i'm not so sure what the heck i'm doing most of the time' type. well, that's how i felt when i stumbled upon roots of she.
a blog that gathers beautiful women, beautiful souls all in one beautiful space.
i instantly felt connected. these women get me.
roots of she is one of my daily should visit, too..

Monday, October 3, 2011

soul searching and stuff

hi there. yes, it's been a long time. the summer was wondeful. some were not. some were growing pains..changes. i had a chance (long chance) to do some in depth searching. i took the break from blogging and cut back on a lot of other things as such.
it felt great. i did, however, miss this space. this space that is mine and i can journal. feels good to be back!
i've been doing a lot of painting. the wave of inspiration has hit and is in full force.
during the break i got to watch my little ones grow, discover and just be happy. we also went through some personal changes..but it's all good :) mommy, daddy and kiddos are all well and happy (for the most part) :)
i can't wait to share some more art on here and soon my etsy shop. i am happy. it feels good. really good!