Sunday, August 29, 2010

pretty picture how-to

this painting was so much for me. i've made one for my daughter, niece and friend's daughter. it's pretty easy to do. all you need is some acrylic paint, ribbon, yarn, glue gun and scrap fabric (or anything scrappy will do, i'm not picky).

i started off by lightly drawing the girl's face ,hairline and torso, then you want to paint the face and shirt. i added some reddish lips and pretty eyelashes with the acrylic paint.

i painted the shirt (do whatever color pleases you) and added the pretty ribbon across the shirt. i let that dry completely.

starting at the top of the head i started hot glueing the yarn (trying to in a certain direction that the hair would lay) all the way down to the ear area and the rest i let hang. try to glue each strand side by side until you are satisfied with the shape of the head.

when that is completed, i used scraps of fabric and cut out a flower shape and glued it to her hair.

my daughter loves this painting because it's wall decor and she loves when i take it down and she can play with the hair. you can also have a place to keep hair clips and all that good stuff.

have fun!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

come in~

we've lived in our home for almost two years and i still enjoy decorating and making it our own. i want you to come in and get to know me a little bit. click on the right of the screen to see some more of my pictures on flickr. i'm still trying to figure out a lot of the "link" type things and slowly i'm getting there, so forgive me. well, i hope you enjoy the pics and i hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, August 27, 2010

beautiful summer~

(me, riding)

as summer slowly comes to an end, i find myself reflecting on all the wonderful memories we've made. it has been a summer of change, discovery. i feel like there was times that i was truly being tested and i faced whatever i had to face and pulled through. somehow.

(kyree, at 4th of july parade)
overall, my summer days were filled with lots of laughter. my baby girl doing things for the very first time. my son loosing some more teeth, and smiling so big and proud. my youngest son getting so much taller that last years pj's look like capris. my hubby and i finally taking the kids on our very first family vacation to disney world.
(my boys, at the beach)

i have also learned to let go a little more. to just simply show up to my dreams and calling and the rest will fall into place. while following the path where i am supposed to be going, i can also enjoy the ride. totally.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


(painting by me, hangs in my bedroom)

these past couple of days have been trying. i lost a dear friend and my heart is sad. going through this has made me think about a lot of things in my life. i think that mostly, it has taught me to say "i love you". i've been such a lucky girl, surrounded by people that love me and truly care about who i am. people who have my best interest at heart. those people know who they are and they know that i love them. nothing has changed about that. the only thing that has changed is that i want to start saying it more. sometimes it takes something sad to happen to help us reflect on the people we love. i want to start looking at moments differently, with more care, more attention. i want to start saying "i love yous" more. i want the people that i love to know that because life is so short and we never know what tomorrow brings. so, i want to live and laugh. and oh, i want to love.

Monday, August 23, 2010

in the meantime..

WHERE HAVE I BEEN? well, yes i have been enjoying what's left of the summer way too much. the boys have started school and it's me and little baby girl all day. to be honest, i am still having a hard time balancing family, school and my creativity. i'm still creating, which at times i feel so exhausted to do- but, i try to find the time. blogging? that's a whole different story. i truly have come to realize that i MUST find the time. MUST. i'm still waiting for some pretty new beads to come in and then i will have to post what i've come up with! i am going to put myself on some type of schedule and make blogging a priority, because i truly do enjoy it. i think that when you're a mom anything that seems enjoyable and that is just YOURS tends to come last on the list. part of my enjoyment is bloggging. so now i have realized that i must make it part of my "me" time because it's important to me. even if no one reads my posts, it's still a way for me to get my thoughts out about what it is that i love. with that said i've posted some pics of my latest projects. i found this VERY comfy chair at a local thrift shop. price? $1.99. yes, i know. i love a great deal. so i bought some fabric and voila! a new/old chair. i love it..mostly i love the challenge. what can i say? it's in my bones. well, i am so glad to be back and i am certainly going to make "me" time a priority on the list!