Sunday, December 19, 2010

little me.

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have you ever had a moment that you totally felt your existence? this very moment i feel alive and it feels so good kinda moment?! i get that feeling when i'm on the floor and i can feel three little bodies climbing all over me in laughter. those are the moments i totally feel mommy. or when they need my kisses on their boo boos. or when my husband looks at me like i'm the most beautiful woman in the world. or when i do something for nice for someone i can feel their gratitude...

well, last night i felt alive again by a total stranger's simple sentence in my post about a book, hand wash cold by karen meizer miller. just a simple, "if he doesn't come through, let me know. i have a book with your name on it." what? who? (as i carefully looked at the name of the commenter). none other than karen maezen miller herself!

wow! as you can read how the rest of the story goes (all in the comment section) ...needless to say, i felt alive. that sentence alone made me feel so special. i guess what i'm trying to say is that you never know that just by a small gesture you can make someone smile. you can change someone's mind. you can change someone's life. you can make someone that was having a hard year have another beginning. 

karen maezen miller made my day. i was so excited that i called my husband from work and said "you have to go and read my blog. the last post. look at the comments. you must stop what you're doing this very moment and look at it now!". and he did and was just as happy as i was at that very moment. 

thank you, karen (if i may) for making my night so exciting and my morning too. i will never forget that. ever.

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