Monday, December 6, 2010


i've basically forced myself to finally blog. this week has been really hard for me. ya ever have one of those days that everything goes wrong ?whatever else're like "well, ok." i've had that type of week and boy i am tired. we are going through some tough times as a family right now, but we have also tried to stay positive. sometimes that can be very hard to do when your faced with serious issues. today started out as a good day. then someone said something to me that put me in a different place, i didn't like that place. then the stress headache started..yeah. BUT there is hope..the reason why i forced myself on here is because i need to do a "what i'm thankful for" list. seriously. and it will help me get out of this poopish mood. i don't like poopish. so here goes :) i'm thankful for:

  • God..He's probably sick of my voice
  • the way my children look at me when i get home from if i've been gone forever.
  • a warm home
  • the 3 cups of coffee that i had today..i needed every sip :)
  • a job, even if it may not be what i 'love' to do
  • my passion, creating is therapeutic for me
  • vaseline..that stuff is the bomb during these dry months-forget the expensive stuff (baby scent kind, yummy)
  • last, but no least, my husband- who truly loves me and knows that we are in this together. makes me smile when i'm down and has my back. in his eyes, i'm more than enough. just the way i am. 
ok..ya know, just thinking about all  those things as i was typing them put me in a lighter mood. going through something that makes you uncomfortable can sometimes make one realize what is important. material things don't matter. what people think about you doesn't matter. what does matter is that you are true to yourself. that you are doing what makes your heart sing and the rest just falls into place. believe that even though things around us we cannot control, we can control how we react. sometimes things happen for a reason (so cliche) and they do! we may not understand at the moment..or the reasons why. our higher power has other plans and all we can do is have faith. every little thing's gonna be alright :)


  1. This is very touching... it made me cry! I don't know why... I guess I just needed it. Thanks for sharing!