Tuesday, December 14, 2010

it's almost here!

can you actually believe that christmas is next week? i haven't purchased not one thing! that, however, will not stop me from having a good time! no it will not. as you can see i did a family room christmas photo shoot with none other than my juju bug. he's already appreciating photography at the age of seven and i like that. a lot. so..he insisted that he take pics of me. as mommies we hardly ever get in front of the camera, right? we are always trying to capture the moment. i think it's very important for our children to have pics of mommy and daddy, too. they'd enjoy looking at them in the future. i had lots of fun and i really do act this silly most of the time..they're pretty used to it. 
ok, back to shopping...yes, i will do some of that this weekend. not looking forward to the cold at all...hope everyone's having a great week! the kids are sound asleep and i am finally getting there. my warm comfy bed and cushy pillows are calling my name. goodnight sweet ones..

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