Wednesday, December 8, 2010

when it's cold outside.

it's been freezing lately and we've been doing a lot of snuggling and watching movies. being forced to stay in one place makes imagination grow. with three little ones we are always trying to find something to keep us away from the "mom, i bored" syndrome. i think within the last couple of days we've watched  'polar express' at least three times. we've sipped hot cocoa with colorful marshmallows. put christmas decor out. tickled little chubby feet. made tents. ate delicious homemade vegetable soup (my first time making it) and it was delish! had our daily dance party in the living room, they love my playlist more than daddy's (he thinks his is better). i love my little family and even though we aren't rich, our kids don't get whatever they want and we struggle at times, this is us. we have love. we have each other no matter what. those are the things that keep me warm and make me oh-so-happy.

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