Thursday, December 23, 2010

my mother's love

my mom has always been a thoughtful woman. when i was little i can remember her having to run errands and sometimes she would bring me back a surprise and i would be so excited because anything she got for me i would forward a few years and she hasn't changed all that much.

i think of myself as a thoughtful person and i have to thank my mama for that. i hope that i pass some of my mama to my own children.

another thing that i get from my mother is crafting, put us in a room together with a glue gun and scrap paper and we'd probably build a town. ha! yes, we are very creative. i think she's a lot better than i am so anything she makes, i study each detail wondering, how did she get that so perfectly? oh, i see now...

every christmas my mother sends a box filled with goodies, from cookies to shirts. this christmas she did the same and every present she wrapped was so beautifully done. each roll of wrapping paper perfectly matching the embellishment carefully placed on top. she takes the time to do these things with love. that's just one of the many things i love about my mother.

she also filled these wooden containers with cookies, there were about four of them altogether. she knew that i couldn't help myself, but try a little mixed media painting on them. i totally know why she sent them. she was so right :)
this is what one of them looked like before:

here's are a few shots of the still-working-on-it-after:

thanks so much, mama. you know exactly what i like. so happy to share a creative soul with you...

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  1. Oh my Goodness Evelyse- those are SO beautiful! Amazing job- I can truly say I am inspired by your creativity. And I can also say that your Mama is one of the most amazing women I have ever had the privelege of getting to know. I truly feel blessed to have been touched by her and to know her in this lifetime. Maybe one day I will meet you in person, but either way, I am glad to know pieces of you through the amazing technology of the Internet- you seem to be a truly amazing women as well- you learned from the best! Happy NEW YEAR! May all your dreams come true! xoxo