Thursday, October 28, 2010


i've been busy, busy lately. i've opened up my etsy shop! yay! ok, so i only have a few things in there, BUT i am working on it. i've had some orders on the side, so that's keeping me busy too. when i first started out making jewelry, all i made was beaded stuff. then when i learned about stamping i was in love at first stamp! it was new and so fun. i still love making beaded jewelry, but there's something about stamping jewelry that challenges me in different ways. i also see people's reaction to a stamped piece and it's so much more personal to them. something they can keep for a long time and it has more meaning when they wear someone's name on a piece of jewelry. so i'm left satisfied and happy that i made someone happy. just like any artist, you start out experimenting and eventually you learn to find your style. i'm still in there somewhere, experimenting and learning and loving. i've had the best support form people and it feels so good. can i make a living at doing this? i would love to. i know that in my soul, creating is my passion. it makes me feel alive and excited. the possibilities are endless. i hope that in the future i can look back at these blog posts and say "wow, look how far i've come". come and visit my etsy shop, and tell me what you think! like i said, i'm slowly adding more. working outside the home, three little ones, and a hubby keeps me very busy and i try to create whenever i get a chance. hopefully soon i can just do this for a living! all i can do is leave it up to God, show up and the rest is not in my control. amen to that!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

a little fearless~

in the beginning of this year i promised myself that i would do things that i was afraid to do. they may seem like nothing to some people, but to me..they were a little scary. here are some of the things that i did on my little "fearless journey" i'm still adding to it..

  1. decided to officially start my own jewelry making business, and did
  2. launched a blog/site for my bizz/got bizz cards (finally)
  3. went jet skiing (so fun, i so recommend it)
  4. didn't ask hubby to help me kill the scary bugs (as much) this year. ha!
  5. leaned to say 'no' when i felt the need (still working on that)
  6. went down a long, curvy water slide-now that was a little scary. but my first time & i did it!
  7. drove to another town and got lost (i hate getting lost) and did not freak out-amazing.
  8. shared some of my art with people
  9. reached out and made a friend through blogging
  10. trusted in God more. when things seemed all wrong, i tried to keep a positive attitude and trust that God would see me through those times, and He did. Amen to that.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sterling silver stamped bracelet

i just made this bracelet 2 days ago and it's simply pretty, isn't? sometimes just a little is enough. this bracelet is lightweight so it's easy to wear and it's all sterling silver. i hand stamped each letter, so letters are not perfectly aligned (which i think adds so much more character). this will be added to my shop today. i hope you can stop by and visit.

Friday, October 15, 2010

little girl's closet space

i am loving this closet here. i  found it on d.i.y and fell in love. so, so cute and the colors in here are just the best! my lil' ky has a very small closet, but one day she may have something like this and just may want to live in here! i know i do...

Monday, October 11, 2010

fall fashion

i love fall fashion. i just love to layer different pieces and i love the fact that i can walk outside in a cute jacket and not freeze my tush off. anthropologie has always been a favorite of mine, but only for inspiration (they tend to be on too much of the pricey side for sweet 'ol cheap me). plus, i love a bargain and have always loved a challenge (especially when it comes to fashion) here are a few pieces i'm feelin' for the fall.

so chic and so me! i 'm certainly about #1 comfort #2 looking effortlessly put together. i'm one happy girl when i can do both!

my hubby.

i do. i love him and he is my best friend. 13 yrs and going strong. we support each other and every time we hit a bump in the road, we come back even stronger. some things i love about him. he....
  • is cool, i mean really, he is
  • always changed poopy diapers, and never complains
  • gets me
  • takes time out to look at all my creations, and tells me what he think
  •  is very calm- i'm more hyper and he stays calm no matter what situation we're in
  • is a very good listener (i know)
  • doesn't judge people
  • loves the same kind of music i do
  • loves his mother
  • appreciates women, thinks we're awesome human beings
  • is very respectful of others
  • doesn't gossip
  • is mine
  • makes my coffee!!! oh yeah

our weekend

so what have we been up to this weekend? the boys got to sleep out at their cousins house and they got to go to a farm and play and do all kinds of stuff..while hubby and i got to hang out with our little ky.

she had all our attention and now that she's a walker, she had many opportunities to show off her new skill. half the time she looks like a drunk litttle lady walking around. trying to get her balance, falling and getting up again.
while we were only parenting one child this weekend i took advantage and ordered some more jewelry supplies that i very much need. i am so excited and cannot wait for it to get here! the shop will be filled with more whimsy luv creations!
i have to say that we had a very laid back, but productive weekend. i hope you had a good weekend, too!

Friday, October 8, 2010

happy weekend!

we are going to enjoy more of this weather! we are going to color and also have a dance party in the living room (this is what happens when mommy, daddy and all 3 of us are in the same room together and we hear a beat). we hope that ya'll have a wonderful weekend and be safe. xoxo

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


this is my ky. she is now 17 months and just starting to walk. every day she walks more and more. this is what a busy day does to you. this is how i found her a couple of nights ago sleeping soundly. daddy had to make her a little more comfortable after we found her (and giggled, a lot). i'm sure she would've stayed this way if we let her. i think this is how a lot of us feel at the end of the day. we can so relate, ky.

Monday, October 4, 2010


we've been enjoying the cooler weather and what autumn has to bring. as you can see, lots of pumkins and lots of fun. i hope that you are enjoying this beautiful weather! i'm loving the change of colors, oh yes!