Sunday, February 27, 2011

precious baby

this little baby girl is sick. 

i hate when any of my children are sick. you almost take for granted how lively and how much energy they bring to life until they are sick

every morning i slowly walk into her room and i can see that she's laying there..ready to get up and as soon as she sees's a PARTY.

she gets so excited and so ready for me to grab her up!

not this morning. no. she just layed there..kind of talking to herself.

i just knew. mommies just know.

so, there's been lots of snuggles and drinks and well, whatever miss lady wants. she is a princess after all.

now, it's time for me to relax..hope you all had a good weekend...

peace out.

Friday, February 18, 2011

happy days~

we have been enjoying the warm weather so much! no, we don't miss the snow or cold or ANY of that. i'm so over bundling these little birds up! i just cannot wait to say "grab your flip flops, let's go!" ah..those days will be here soon.

until then, we have been taking FULL ADVANTAGE of this beautiful weather. close to 70*? we'll take it!

it's making me feel like a child i've been locked up in a cage and now i get to run free!! this summer will be my baby's ky first summer that she's walking so we have so much to look forward to.

juju bug had his first recital type deal (ok, it was a HUGE deal to mommy). we were so proud of him. oh, how time flies. don't you see? that's my baby up there, reading...words that i didn't teach him! little brother was a bit bored and baby ky couldn't stay still...i bet her leggings were itchy ;)

i hope that you all are enjoying the change coming. i have so much my head that is. i need to get this all on much to look forward to. i love, love this time of year...hope you do, as well..


'beauty full life' hand stamped bracelet~

is that bracelet not gorgeous? sterling silver, hand stamped and textured by me! i wanted to make something for myself and i had no plan with this..sometimes it's good to go with the flow and i made this from my heart. beauty full life is the name of this design. there are six sterling silver discs all hubby's name, children's names and two of the other discs read "beauty full life with a birdcage stamp' and the other "mommy with the bird stamp". i absolutely adore this bracelet because it means so much to me..i do have a beauty full hubby and my children mean everything to me and i can show the world how much they mean to me. i'm going to be adding this to the shop and if you are interested just shoot me a message. this is $60. sweet.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


we absolotely loooove to dance around here..every day we play some sort of music. in the kitchen, family room..wherever! i love all types of music. one of my very favorite artists is 'adele'. she is so soulful and unique, her music is feel good and meaningful. her first album is AWESOME and it reminds me of last summer. we always had it fact we used to sit the radio at the kitchen window just so we could listen to it.

aaand...her new album, 21, is coming out i think february 22nd? i may be wrong, but somewhere around then.
i am beyond excited and i think most of you have probably heard her single 'rolling in the deep' FULL of soul. love it and so anxious to get it. just in time for spring and summer. love.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

vintage luv~

i love vintage finds..something about something old that has history. a story.

i found these cute pillow shams for my bedroom at jane says my favorite place. etsy, that that place! click on the link...she has lotsa goodies :)

i think i'm craving spring. color. warmth.
so ready for this cold to go.
aren't we all?

busy girl

this is what my day is filled with. i should say this is who my day is filled with. we get up early and take the boys to school and then it's her and i. she is a total busy body..can you tell. she keeps me going and she a very happy girl, hardly ever grouchy. well, until she's hungry or sleepy. i loves her. my ky.

hope that you all are having a great week. i am. busy as a bee and loving every moment!