Friday, June 24, 2011

cool link luv.

swing made out of an old chair

space saving basket shelves..genius!

spray chalk! how fun :)

find some treasure!

rainbow jello! yummm...

so pretty! awesome ideas, as well!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

new painting.

i've been painting a lot more lately. i took a long break and let the 'flow of creativity' fill my empty cup. you have to do that sometimes. let yourself be inspired. and when it happens for me, i listen. this is my latest and it reads "through it all, she followed her heart on this beautiful journey'.

i painted on a heavy (deep voice-HEAVY) wood block that i found in our shed when we moved into our house two years ago. i kept that block of wood knowing that i would find the inspiration and paint on it. well, here she is. my mixed media work of art. so much fun!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

summer fun

summer!!! i heart you! i do this thing every summer. i blog frequently during colder months and as soon as that heat and sun hit- i'm out! i am going with the flow of things. sometimes if all you feel like doing is living in the moment of fun- do it.

i've also been doing some painting and jewelry making. i've been 'going with the flow' on creativity, as well. i'm a planner type. i like to know what i'm going to be doing. slowly i'm letting go of that. life is so much fun when you learn to LET GO.

oh..and yes. see the cute little guy here? no not that cute little guy..the yellow one. all snuggled up in the towel after a good warm bath? yeah, him. that's 'squeeky', our new pet duck. yes, a duck.
hubby's coworker let him bring him home. the kids are in love.
i have learned that ducks are cute, noisy and messy. it's all good, though! he fits right into the family!

boys are sleeping at their cousins' house and it was me and ms ky today. she's fast asleep and it's mama time! holla!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

hi world.

what a busy, busy summer break it has been already! i know, i'm bad about blogging. eek. i sometimes wish i could do it more often and stick with it..afterall, i do this so my children will have sort of an online journal. why is it so hard?

it's a question i'd love to answer...i hope that everyone is having a fun spring! i will post some pics of a little 'photo session' we did downtown...

that's me up there..self in window thingy and snap. me.

love doing those and  you should shame in my game. ha.