Wednesday, June 30, 2010

home sweet home

lately i have been in a very homey mood. i've just been so appreciative of my family. i've been a much happier person because i have finally started to shed some of those fears that were holding me back. the i don't think i'm good enough, the what if they don't like it, the what if i fail type of fears. you know what i say? SO WHAT. do it anyways. feel the fear and act anyways. it's freeing. you will be happier. follow your heart and do what you love. what would you do all day even if you weren't getting paid for it? what makes you most happy and makes you feel most alive? we all need to shed those fears..a little at a time. i'm still not completely fearless (trust me) but i'm taking those little steps. the more i take the easier it seems. and that makes me happy. when i'm happy i give off happy energy. and as you know, that too effects people around me. so get happy. do what you love. we can all use more happiness in the world!

Friday, June 25, 2010

yummy summer

summer. i love summer. the colors..the lazy days. even though it's not really all that lazy. the kids have kept me pretty busy. i've painted on some of those days and there seems to be so much more creativity inside of me that sometimes i want to burst! ok..i'm calm.

right now i am just taking things as they come. enjoying the process of getting things going. in the meantime i am appreciating all that i have.

i hope that all of you are doing the same. sometimes i feel like i'm just typing away to myself and no one will read this, but it's good to just let these thoughts out. have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


ahhh..painting. i love it. take a white, clean canvas and whatever it is that you feel in your soul gets brushed upon it. people hang part of you in their homes. how cool is that? more than jewelry-making, painting allows me to be more expressive. i have to admit that there is so much more that i want to learn, need to learn. i want to take this summer e-course, badly!!! It is taught by Claudine Hellmuth and she is awesome. i think she can teach me to expand. i promised myself that this year has to be my year of fearlessness. the year of chance and change. so here i go..slowly taking steps and it's feeling so good.

Monday, June 14, 2010

happy place.

hi. me here. so...i was thinking (hence the photo) that lately has been really, really good. yummy, in fact. i am trying to look at things a bit different than i did before. looking at things with more joy. feeling happy is a lot of fun i tell you. yes, i have my days just like anyone else, but i don't try to let the small things get to my spirit. lately i've loved to just lay with my baby girl and just smell her. she smells so good :) i've been also enjoying kissing my little boys all over their precious faces because i know one day they will not let me get away with it. i've enjoyed listening to the rain and blaring music and dancing with the kids like it's nobody's business. i've been making jewelry and i've surprised myself with the inspiration that's spilling over the designs-yes. love that. i hope that you too can be happy, choose to be happy. look at all the good that you have- they so outweigh the stinky and things we cannot control! enjoy your blessings because, honey, you so deserve it. good day.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have been on this journey of "creating" for a long time. Not just creating, but more of finding myself and what it is that I was meant to do. What is it? Is it real that I could make jewelry and paint and STILL make a living? Maybe it's all meant to keep in the "hobby" part of my life. Funny thing is that when I'm working out there in the real world, I still kept coming back to my artistic side. I have been a follower of Kelly Rae Roberts ( for about two years now and she is such an inspiration to me. She started out in her artistic journey just as any normal person would. But the great thing about Kelly is that she followed her heart and stuck with it. She believed in herself even when she was scared. I am doing Kelly Rae's e-course and I have to tell you that even in a day I can feel my mind clearing and the possibilities for myself are endless! For a long time I felt that maybe I wasn't smart enough, or talented enought to own my own business. The day that I became all those things, I would start. I was so good at pushing others to do what they loved. Cheering them on. When it came to me, I was stuck. Stuck in this treadmill of watching everyone getting somewhere and enjoying what their talents would bring them. After a day of the e-course (yes, a day!) I have recognized what my fears are, written them down and I've had time to sit and think. I am going to follow and do what Kelly is offering and I am going to give myself a chance and start asking more questions like "what if I can really make a living at this?" This is the beginning of a new journey and if there is anyone out there that feels like I do- come along. Like Kelly said, there is enough room for all of us. So, let's all exhale and put the fears aside. Let's start living the lives that were meant for us to live, let's start listening to those little whispers...let's go!