Sunday, January 2, 2011

new year.

what. a. year.

when 2010 arrived i decided that my word of the year would be brave and i must say that i had a brave kinda year. i tried new things that i once would've passed up and i bravely got serious about my art. i followed my heart with braveness. i learned so much this year. some were good and some were yucky. i don't like yucky.

although yucky can be very uncomfortable i have also realized that yuckiness is filled with a lot of great lessons. like, man...i am a lot stronger than i thought i was. i have learned to just live through the yuckiness and let things sail along. through that, we can find the deliciousness that we never expected. 

i knew that my little family and i were always very tight and strong, but these past few months i have proof. i have a wonderful husband and three beautiful children that i get to watch grow everyday. boy, am i lucky. 

so..what's my word for  2011? embrace. i want to embrace whatever life may bring. good or bad. delicious or yucky. because i know that with anything that comes our way, we will be okay. we can look back at those moments and know that i've learned something

i want to learn to just let go and ride with this beautiful thing called life! and to know that i am strong and can overcome whatever may come my way. 

what's your word for 2011?
whatever it may be, i hope you have a wonderful brand spankin' new year!!!!

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