Friday, September 17, 2010

whimsical bedroom

i have to admit. i'm addicted to decorating my daughter's room. after having two boys, i was pregnant with a little girl and you couldn't tell me anything! don't get me wrong, i liked decorating my sons' rooms, but i'm a female. a very girly female. so as you can imagine, i would mostly put things in there that were either car or super man cape related. then here comes my little girl...

i knew that right off the bat i didn't want a "pink, sweet room", not that there's anything wrong with pink/sweet, but i wanted something more vibrant. so, when people would ask what they could get the baby, i would tell them that i wanted something handmade. made with love.
it could be a blanket, drawing..whatever. and, that's what she (baby girl) got. her room is filled with lots of love, i have to say. mostly everything in there is made by me or painted/redone from thrift store.

the photo above is of a keepsake box that i handpainted for her. don't you just love a pretty keepsake box? makes you want to find things to put in there. well, since she has so many hair thingies (i call it), we keep most of the keepsake boxes full. ahh..i love my children. i love my boys and i love having my little girl. but, it's just a little more of a good time with what us girls appreciate..

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