Wednesday, September 1, 2010

She's always there for me~

i wish that i had a scanner because this photo does this painting no justice. it reads on the bottom "she is always there for me"..and it was inspired by the relationship i have with my sister. she means a lot to me, but this painting is talking about any woman that is close to you. isn't such a comfort when you have someone that is there for you? in your beautiful moments and in the ugly-cuz we all have them!
in this creative journey there has always been a part of me that has wanted/needed to connect with other women that were creative. women that get excited about little things like color combo! it's funny because even though my sister isn't creative in the same ways that i am (she's a singer) she still understands the passion aspect of it. the love of art. i sure do appreciate our relationship, and i always will

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  1. Evelyse your painting and writing inspires me! I too think it's important to cherish those relationships to the women closest to us, and I am also blessed with an amazing sister :) Maybe you can help me... How do you post these pics and books, etc to your blog? I've started one, but it def needs some flare!! Check it out!

    Now I'm following you! xo