Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my dress form is dressed up, meet ms. thang

this is ms thang. she is my wonderful dress form and she sits beside my fireplace and welcomes guests in our home. i just got ms thang not too long ago and since then i have been dressing her up in beautiful things. she always looks great and never has a bad hair day...not having a head helps. whenever i design a new jewelry piece, she gladly displays it for me. the kids enjoy her presence too. i am so happy to have found her and for such a bargain. she totally gets my fashion sense and she has been a wonderful addition to the family. ms thang meet everyone.

*by the way, i got ms thang for a really great deal and you can get yourself a dress form, too! *


  1. I love the dress form so creative... I love your kids too, so cute!
    As for booga baby, She probably realizes she can get there faster by crawling... My son was the same.... then one day perfect steps...

  2. oh boy! i hope so (booga baby) and thank you very much :)