Wednesday, September 22, 2010

seasons change

ok. so there is literally a few hours left of summer. i can smell fall making it's grand entrance. it's everywhere you look. pumpkins fill the stores, leaves are getting a little crunchy and i've been caught wearing my sweater at night. yes, i do love fall.
i think what i like and appreciate about seasons is they change. i tend to get bored after a while. hmm..maybe that's why i'm an artist. i don't have to ever do the same things over and over. i can always be me, but with change. 
i have to tell you that i am so ready for it. i will miss some things about summer. my roses. the ease of just throwing flip flops on and getting in the car and ready to go. but, i know it will be here next year, and i welcome change with open arms.
i feel that the cooler months allow you to slow down, take comfort of the more simple things of life. it allows to sometimes, start over again. or maybe, to just start. and i really like that.

fall into change....


  1. Oh I am jealous. I so adore fall as well. unfortunately, I live in Florida where summer lasts from May-October. wear a snuggly sweater for me! Fall weather is very good for sparking creativity! something about the change, its very electric.

  2. yes, i will wear that sweater for you :) and just maybe u can move back to where u can share some of this fall... :)