Wednesday, September 8, 2010

booga baby.

this is my booga baby. she is 16 mnths old. she loves to eat anything. i mean, anything. if it's a crumb and it's within her reach-she'll eat it. so i am constantly sweeping. this booga baby as you will notice is crawling. nothing wrong with that...except she's 16 mnths and that's all she's doing!!! yes, she pulls up and stands by herself for a period of time, but taking a step? nope. nothing. most people are either surprised she's not walking or they say "eh, just give her time". as a mom you can't help but to be a little concerned. everything else she's above and beyond in. both the boys walked at 13 months. i figured she's walk a little sooner than that, but she's got her own ideas. one thing i can thank her for are how toned my arms are. she's heavy! oh well. i guess we will just have to wait until this booga baby is ready.

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