Monday, August 23, 2010

in the meantime..

WHERE HAVE I BEEN? well, yes i have been enjoying what's left of the summer way too much. the boys have started school and it's me and little baby girl all day. to be honest, i am still having a hard time balancing family, school and my creativity. i'm still creating, which at times i feel so exhausted to do- but, i try to find the time. blogging? that's a whole different story. i truly have come to realize that i MUST find the time. MUST. i'm still waiting for some pretty new beads to come in and then i will have to post what i've come up with! i am going to put myself on some type of schedule and make blogging a priority, because i truly do enjoy it. i think that when you're a mom anything that seems enjoyable and that is just YOURS tends to come last on the list. part of my enjoyment is bloggging. so now i have realized that i must make it part of my "me" time because it's important to me. even if no one reads my posts, it's still a way for me to get my thoughts out about what it is that i love. with that said i've posted some pics of my latest projects. i found this VERY comfy chair at a local thrift shop. price? $1.99. yes, i know. i love a great deal. so i bought some fabric and voila! a new/old chair. i love it..mostly i love the challenge. what can i say? it's in my bones. well, i am so glad to be back and i am certainly going to make "me" time a priority on the list!

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