Friday, August 27, 2010

beautiful summer~

(me, riding)

as summer slowly comes to an end, i find myself reflecting on all the wonderful memories we've made. it has been a summer of change, discovery. i feel like there was times that i was truly being tested and i faced whatever i had to face and pulled through. somehow.

(kyree, at 4th of july parade)
overall, my summer days were filled with lots of laughter. my baby girl doing things for the very first time. my son loosing some more teeth, and smiling so big and proud. my youngest son getting so much taller that last years pj's look like capris. my hubby and i finally taking the kids on our very first family vacation to disney world.
(my boys, at the beach)

i have also learned to let go a little more. to just simply show up to my dreams and calling and the rest will fall into place. while following the path where i am supposed to be going, i can also enjoy the ride. totally.

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