Friday, July 9, 2010

what makes a home

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i know that i wasn't going to post until after our vacation, but i've got a little bit of time on my hands (that never happens) so i decided to write about something that i've been thinking about lately. my home.
a lot of our friends tell us that our home is so comfortable and just feels like it's filled with love. that, by the way, is like the hugest compliment ever! i was pondering about that as i was cleaning today. i was dusting the furniture and the little things that my kids have given me as gifts. things they've made in school, and some from church functions. i looked around and i saw my paintings hanging on the walls and that is such a warm and comforting feeling. books we love are displayed throughout our home. a year ago when i was pregnant with my daughter people would ask what they should get her. i had everyone just make something handmade. my mother made her crib set, a friend gave me a knitted blanket, etc. her room is filled with lots of love. that room is hers. our home also feels special to me because when someone walks through the door, they can already tell a little bit about our personalties. we love to read, we love art, and there are children that live here. the personal touches are the things that matter. i also frame my children's art and they add so much to a room. our home displays love because it displays us (the kids get a boost to the ego, too). i have never been into having a "theme" (ok, maybe a few yrs ago) because i want to make this home our home. that right there is what makes this place special and everyone else can feel that energy. and that is such an honor.

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