Sunday, October 23, 2011

this thing called mamahood.

 whenever i see a photo of my kids my heart just swells up with love. i know, i know...sounds so cheesy, but i think any parent would feel me on that one :)

there's a funny thing that happens when you suddenly find out that you are expecting a baby.
suddenly everything that you do is preparing for this baby. the room looks like an ad out of a magazine, everything's in it's place. clothes are hung and smell so good.
you are ready.

for me, i was prepared for a baby, yes. my mind wasn't thinking about when this baby grows.
people tell you, "it flies by, enjoy it while it lasts. they'll be grown before you know it."
my first born is 8 yrs old. EIGHT YEARS OLD!
i remember just how tiny he was..6 lbs, 9 oz.
he was a hairy little thing.

i remember trying to imagine how his voice would sound when he would finally spoke.
what he would look like when he walked.
carried a backpack like the kids getting off the bus.
first world he would read.

of course, all those things have happened.
oh, so fast.
as i sat here on the couch tonight folding all these little bright colored clothes freshly out of the dryer, i'm taking it all in.
these clothes are so small.
as i put it one in its own neat pile, i smile.
for one day i won't be doing this anymore.
the tasks that seem so annoying (like picking up the same pile of books she knocks down everyday) will one day pass and just be a faint memory...
"it flies by, enjoy it while it lasts. they'll be grown before you know it."

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