Monday, October 3, 2011

soul searching and stuff

hi there. yes, it's been a long time. the summer was wondeful. some were not. some were growing pains..changes. i had a chance (long chance) to do some in depth searching. i took the break from blogging and cut back on a lot of other things as such.
it felt great. i did, however, miss this space. this space that is mine and i can journal. feels good to be back!
i've been doing a lot of painting. the wave of inspiration has hit and is in full force.
during the break i got to watch my little ones grow, discover and just be happy. we also went through some personal changes..but it's all good :) mommy, daddy and kiddos are all well and happy (for the most part) :)
i can't wait to share some more art on here and soon my etsy shop. i am happy. it feels good. really good!

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  1. You inspire me to be a better me! I love all of you, even the parts of you that drive me bananas haha! - your hubby :)