Friday, October 28, 2011

slowing it down a bit.

i love looking and finding pictures i've forgotten about, don't you? funny how much they're tiny faces have changed. so much has been happening around these parts. change. it. is. good.
lately i have been taking time.  i noticed that when i take my time at whatever task is at hand, i do better. i am kind of an impatient person so when it comes to 'taking time' i have to put in some effort.
little moments i am learning to appreciate...
when i do dishes.
folding the laundry.
hugs from my little ones.
taking a stroll though the neighborhood and really being aware of my beautiful surroundings.
the sound of the rain.
autumn in the air.
cooking a meal for my family with love.
laying beside my beautiful husband.

the older i get the more i am taking my time to enjoy those little moments.

life is truly beautiful. look around you.

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