Friday, February 18, 2011

happy days~

we have been enjoying the warm weather so much! no, we don't miss the snow or cold or ANY of that. i'm so over bundling these little birds up! i just cannot wait to say "grab your flip flops, let's go!" ah..those days will be here soon.

until then, we have been taking FULL ADVANTAGE of this beautiful weather. close to 70*? we'll take it!

it's making me feel like a child i've been locked up in a cage and now i get to run free!! this summer will be my baby's ky first summer that she's walking so we have so much to look forward to.

juju bug had his first recital type deal (ok, it was a HUGE deal to mommy). we were so proud of him. oh, how time flies. don't you see? that's my baby up there, reading...words that i didn't teach him! little brother was a bit bored and baby ky couldn't stay still...i bet her leggings were itchy ;)

i hope that you all are enjoying the change coming. i have so much my head that is. i need to get this all on much to look forward to. i love, love this time of year...hope you do, as well..


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