Monday, January 31, 2011

little whispers

i love the fact that i have this blog. this little place where i come and put thoughts down, memories and creative inspirations. does anyone ever read this little blog? i have no idea. maybe.
know what? i have this little place because i want to look back and see a piece of my journey and if it inspires someone along the way, awesome.

today i want to write about those 'little whispers'...ya know. those dreams that you have and maybe you choose to ignore because they seem "TOO BIG"? they 'seem out of reach, years away, maybe one day' dreams? yeah, those.

everyone that knows me knows that i have a natural passion and drive for all things creative. jewelry, art and thrifting. my hubby is one that know many of my 'far away-out-of-reach' dreams. some dreams i wouldn't dare tell other people. what would they think? maybe they will think i'm crazy for even dreaming that big! ha!

what if you did voice those dreams? or wrote them down? even told someone about them? there's a certain power behind voicing or recognizing something, isn't there? it almost gives you a little freedom. yes, dare to speak those dreams. as silly or as big or as crazy as they may seem, they're YOUR dreams and they matter.

i think that we all have these dreams and they come in whispers within yourself and we can hear them if we truly listen.

well, i am going to dare myself to document my whispers...on  the internet. on this blog of mine. yes, i am. i'm going to release it unto the universe.

for years i've had this dream of owning my own shop. a thrift shop of my own. i want to find used clothes, furniture and treasures and i want to have them in my very own shop. i want to have my own jewelry and art in my shop, too. everything that i love to do would be incorporated into this little shop.

i want my shop to be small (not too small) and i want to paint the walls all white- that way all my treasures can pop out. i want to have a washer and dryer in the back so that as i bring clothing in, i can wash them and display them in the shop. i want to be in a great location and i want to plant flowers in front of my shop. i want to have coffee in my shop so i can share it with a great customer.

these are the things i want. i've had these whispers in my life for a very long time. this is the first time that i've 'voiced' these whispers to others besides people that are very close to me. ya know what? it feels oh-so-good.

what am i going to do with those whispers? i am going to map out a plan. a strategy.
i am going to show up. i am going to believe that there's a perfect spot for me to have my store. because it's supposed to be mine. i am going to buy treasures and sell them so i can save money for my shop. i will believe that 'i have my very own thrift shop'.

ahhh...i feel better. do you have whispers? what are they? give those whispers a louder voice. write them down...if you can in detail. tell a friend. look in the mirror and tell yourself. you would be amazed at the power of owning something.

just by me voicing my dreams made them seem less intimidating to me. i choose to live life according to what makes my heart sing, not someone else's. the older i get, the more i choose to live without permission. i hope that you choose to do the same. follow those dreams, matter how BIG or small or crazy...

after all, this is YOUR life....YOUR it your way~

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