Thursday, November 4, 2010

little giveaway

i'm having a little giveaway on my facebook page and if we are friends on there, you can enter. i love giveaways..i do. i think that if i could give someone something everyday, i would. it just feels so good for someone that appreciates what  i do and they in return wear it with pride and love. it's one of the greatest feelings. this week i have spent so much time with my children. just getting down on the ground and listening and loving. it's been wonderful. there's something about the chilly weather that makes it even better to cuddle. in between loving, cooking, cleaning, bathing and homework i've squeezed in some me time. that means that i've been creating and creating. i've had wonderful reactions to the stamped jewelry. awesome. my business in slowly growing, inch by inch. i like it that way. i have time to take it all in and mess up and correct. lotsa learning on my end. it's all been beautiful and part of my journey. what i'm doing right now is building inventory. i'm trying and hopefully soon i may have a jewelry party of some sort, which makes me nervous. just a little. ahh..small steps of courage have such a snowball effect and i'm loving every moment. this has truly been a year of fearlessness.. i cannot wait to see what comes up next. i am so showing up..

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