Thursday, October 21, 2010

a little fearless~

in the beginning of this year i promised myself that i would do things that i was afraid to do. they may seem like nothing to some people, but to me..they were a little scary. here are some of the things that i did on my little "fearless journey" i'm still adding to it..

  1. decided to officially start my own jewelry making business, and did
  2. launched a blog/site for my bizz/got bizz cards (finally)
  3. went jet skiing (so fun, i so recommend it)
  4. didn't ask hubby to help me kill the scary bugs (as much) this year. ha!
  5. leaned to say 'no' when i felt the need (still working on that)
  6. went down a long, curvy water slide-now that was a little scary. but my first time & i did it!
  7. drove to another town and got lost (i hate getting lost) and did not freak out-amazing.
  8. shared some of my art with people
  9. reached out and made a friend through blogging
  10. trusted in God more. when things seemed all wrong, i tried to keep a positive attitude and trust that God would see me through those times, and He did. Amen to that.

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