Thursday, October 28, 2010


i've been busy, busy lately. i've opened up my etsy shop! yay! ok, so i only have a few things in there, BUT i am working on it. i've had some orders on the side, so that's keeping me busy too. when i first started out making jewelry, all i made was beaded stuff. then when i learned about stamping i was in love at first stamp! it was new and so fun. i still love making beaded jewelry, but there's something about stamping jewelry that challenges me in different ways. i also see people's reaction to a stamped piece and it's so much more personal to them. something they can keep for a long time and it has more meaning when they wear someone's name on a piece of jewelry. so i'm left satisfied and happy that i made someone happy. just like any artist, you start out experimenting and eventually you learn to find your style. i'm still in there somewhere, experimenting and learning and loving. i've had the best support form people and it feels so good. can i make a living at doing this? i would love to. i know that in my soul, creating is my passion. it makes me feel alive and excited. the possibilities are endless. i hope that in the future i can look back at these blog posts and say "wow, look how far i've come". come and visit my etsy shop, and tell me what you think! like i said, i'm slowly adding more. working outside the home, three little ones, and a hubby keeps me very busy and i try to create whenever i get a chance. hopefully soon i can just do this for a living! all i can do is leave it up to God, show up and the rest is not in my control. amen to that!

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