Wednesday, June 30, 2010

home sweet home

lately i have been in a very homey mood. i've just been so appreciative of my family. i've been a much happier person because i have finally started to shed some of those fears that were holding me back. the i don't think i'm good enough, the what if they don't like it, the what if i fail type of fears. you know what i say? SO WHAT. do it anyways. feel the fear and act anyways. it's freeing. you will be happier. follow your heart and do what you love. what would you do all day even if you weren't getting paid for it? what makes you most happy and makes you feel most alive? we all need to shed those fears..a little at a time. i'm still not completely fearless (trust me) but i'm taking those little steps. the more i take the easier it seems. and that makes me happy. when i'm happy i give off happy energy. and as you know, that too effects people around me. so get happy. do what you love. we can all use more happiness in the world!

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