Monday, June 14, 2010

happy place.

hi. me here. so...i was thinking (hence the photo) that lately has been really, really good. yummy, in fact. i am trying to look at things a bit different than i did before. looking at things with more joy. feeling happy is a lot of fun i tell you. yes, i have my days just like anyone else, but i don't try to let the small things get to my spirit. lately i've loved to just lay with my baby girl and just smell her. she smells so good :) i've been also enjoying kissing my little boys all over their precious faces because i know one day they will not let me get away with it. i've enjoyed listening to the rain and blaring music and dancing with the kids like it's nobody's business. i've been making jewelry and i've surprised myself with the inspiration that's spilling over the designs-yes. love that. i hope that you too can be happy, choose to be happy. look at all the good that you have- they so outweigh the stinky and things we cannot control! enjoy your blessings because, honey, you so deserve it. good day.

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