Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i have this one picture of this keepsake box. i don't even have measurements for this. let me give you a little history about this box, anyways. i was shopping with my little bug (ky) and we spotted this little lonely keepsake box that i so wanted to save. it has a mirror inside that was coming off. it has a few scratches on it. it was perfect. this box needed some luv. kyree loved it, too. we decided to bring it home and make it all better. i glued the mirror back on. i cleaned it up, painted the pretty little girl and put a pretty flower in her hair. kyree filled the box with love, invisible love. now this pretty box needs a good home. it would be so perfect to fill with hairbows, pencils or fun treasures. to adopt this box, leave a comment and let me know what simple moment or thing makes you smile and feel good. anything. the sun. a baby's smile. the giveaway starts today- march 31, 2009, and is a week long. one of the boys will pick a winner out of a hat. you have until April 9, 2009 @ 5pm (east coast!) to enter. good luck!

after i announce a winner, i will need some info to send it to you! yay! *please make sure to leave your name in the comment if you are annonymous*


  1. i love just laying in bed with the kids and we can lay there and just enjoy each other's company's. those are the best moments!

    -jeri c.

  2. I enjoy being around my grandparents, when i look at my papaw he makes me think of better days!

    Crystal S

  3. I really LOVE!! when the girls and I go out for lunch and then to a movie. It gives us time to talk, bond and enjoy each other as a friend for a moment instead of "MOM" all the time. Those are the best days and one's that I hope that they'll always REMEMBER. I LUV MY CHILDREN!!!!!

    Sheydell F.

  4. Love it when my Nya tells me "mommy your awesome!" and watching the kids sleep is the best feeling in the world.


  5. Simple moment. When Ayla says I love you mommy. Ok now I'm tearing up! hahahahahahahahah :D


  6. MARTA ROSA REMOLINAApril 2, 2010 at 6:44 PM

    My simple moment is when I tuck my little one to bed and he tells me about his day and asks me about mine.


  7. What makes me happy is when my big family has a gathering and everyone hushes to hear my 91 year old grandmother sing to her new great grandchildren! It's a beautiful sight and it brings me to tears each and every time! I value those precious moments!

    -- Natalie

  8. Something that makes me really happen is taking things that are complicated or disorganized and making them simple. From buttons and hardware to closets and houses; And, by far my personal favorite, ideas and information. I gather and I sort, and then I try to find the perfect home for each set - something like a beautiful keepsake box :)


  9. Even tho I am late on my post(I'm really sorry) But I have lots of your work here @ home and I love it!! You are so beautiful and whimsey! I'm sooo very lucky to have a sister like you! I pray for you every night for protection and for great things to always come your way.But most importantly, I thank him for blessing me with such a great sis! We are two peas in a pod! We've been 2gether from jump thru thick and thin. I always try to imagine us old sitten on the porch drinking some cafe. I'll be cussing and you'll be telling me to hush! lol...I love you Vivi I still look up 2 u everyday! kEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! uR A GREAT MOM,SISTER,WIFE,FRIEND AND ARTIST only one word to describe u (if i can spell it!) EXQUISETE!:) I miss you:( (give my lil critters a big hug and kiss from shusha):)