Wednesday, March 2, 2011

argan oil.

i am a SUCKER for beauty products..i mean, seriously. if someone raves about it, even better. i stumbled upon this here...argon oil. *comes from morocco, *rich in vitamin a&e, *decreases wrinkles and sagging. 
umm...sign me up!

i did my research cuz i'm an info junkie and i don't think i found one negative thing about this oil.
totally natural and you can use it in your hair (peeps raving about how soft their hair feels, minus a greasy feeling) and how supple and soft their skin feels.

i ended up purchasing this 2 oz bottle of the magical stuff at shea terra and compared to other prices, this was a good buy-$24. 

i just received it today and my sister was here when i received the package and to my surprise they even included 3 samples of their products inside...yay. 

my sister and i tried it all and i must tell you that i already love how it made my skin hubby got it on the fun. he has oily skin and since putting some on his face, his skin looks so smooth and not oily at all.

i think i'm gonna love this mother ordered some for herself.
i will have to keep posted on how my argan oil adventure is coming along! 

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